[dutchgrid site] DutchGrid and NIKHEF Certification Authority Information

The DutchGrid Certification Authorities provides X.509 certificates for identification and authentication purposes related to Grid activities. Eligible organisations include all DutchGrid partners, the ASCI/DAS partners and sites on the WCW and research and educational institutions working with Grids.

Getting a Certificate
This webpage is based on the tutorial on authentication and certificates for DutchGrid, EGEE and LCG. It provides a step-by-step guide for getting a certificate from the DutchGrid Certification Authorities. If you get stuck anyway, please send a mail for help to ca at dutchgrid.nl and we will try to help you get started.

Step 1. Medium-security certification - the web-based request form
Figure 1 shows the DutchGrid and NIKHEF Certification Authority Information webpage. This is your starting point for getting a certificate.
  1. Read the information on this webpage which appears relevant to you.
  2. Go to the web-based request form:
Figure 1. DutchGrid and NIKHEF Certification Authority Information webpage

Step 2. Filling in the web-based request form
Figure 2 shows the web-based request form.
  • Please, try to fill in this form very carefully. Taking extra notice of the required fields.
  • When you are done filling in the form press the "Request Certification" button.
Figure 2. The request form webpage

Step 3. Terms and conditions agreement
After filling in the form you are directed to a web page were you can check if the information filled in the request form was correctly passed (Figure 3). Here you also have to read and agree with the terms and conditions applicable to the certificate you requested for.
Figure 3. Certificate request terms and conditions agreement.

Step 4. Paperwork and mailing the request
After agreeing to the "Terms and Conditions", showed in the former step, you are directed to the webpage shown in Figure 4. Following all the steps in this webpage is very important, since that will complete your certificate request with the highest change for success!

After performing ALL these steps you are done!
Figure 4. Steps involved to build and mail the certificate request.

Sjors Grijpink
Last updated: Jul 30 2004