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DutchGrid and NIKHEF Grid Certification Authority

Why a certificate? You need a certificate to authenticate (make your identity known) to services, hosts and other users in the e-Infrastructure. With your certificate, you can set up secure internet connections, sign your electronic messages, and prove your identity to web and grid sites. However, the certificate in itself does not give you any access rights per se: for that you will also need authorization for your favourite services.
Certificates from your Federated Identity
if your home organisation has joined the GEANT and SURFnet eScience Personal CA
Request and manage your legacy certificates

If you have no idea what to do from here, first try the Trusted Certificate Service from GEANT and SURF, and if that does not work, proceed to the legacy CA guide to getting a certificate. Note that for certification you must go in-person to a registration authority near you, with identity papers, to have your identity vetted.

My Certificate
Legacy DutchGrid CA services:
Lost the passphrase for your key, or your entire key file? Revoke it first at https://ca.dutchgrid.nl/revoke, and use jGridstart to request a new one. You will need to visit your registration authority again in person with your ID, and write on the paper form what happened, e.g. "lost my passphrase, please revoke previous certificate".

For Whom?

Persons and systems from educational and research organisations in the Netherlands are eligible for identity certificates from the DutchGrid CA. Also research departments of commercial companies may apply, but for their experimental and proof-of-concept activities only. The Dutch Grid Certification Authorities (DutchGrid CA) provides X.509 certificates only for identification and authentication purposes related to Grid activities.
Read more background and explanation for users ...

There are two CAs in operation at the moment

Regular (production) use: the Medium-Security X.509 CA
For research and educational institutes that use Grids as part of inter-organizational projects: BiG Grid, EGI, EGI, PRACE-RI, wLCG, etc. Apply for certificates from this Medium-Security CA in virtually all cases, except for computer-science students.
For tutorials in Northern Europe and the Benelux only: EGEE-NE Tutorial CA
Only for Grid tutorials. If you need to go here, you will be instructed to do so by your tutor.
By requesting a certificate or by incorporating the DutchGrid/NIKHEF CA cert into your authentication scheme, you accept to comply with the policy associated with the use of the DutchGrid/NIKHEF CA. The DutchGrid/NIKHEF CA is run on a best-effort basis only and declines any responsibility for damages, including indirect or consequential damages, arising out of the use of the DutchGrid and NIKHEF CA certificates.

    The DutchGrid Medium-Security CA is an EUGridPMA Accredited Classic Authority.