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Legacy Cert Request Guide
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OpenSSL for Windows
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Privacy Policy

DutchGrid and NIKHEF medium-security CA Policies

All policies have an OID of the form

Current version
3.4r2 (errata 15 July 2023) PDF format MS Office doc OID=
3.4 (from 22 April 2020) PDF format
change redlined version
3.3 (since April 2016) PDF format OID=
Previous versions
3.2 (since April 2012) PDF format DOC format HTML format OID=
3.1 (since Nov 30, 2007) PDF format     OID=
3.0 (since May 14, 2007) PDF format   HTML format OID=
2.2 PDF format PostScript format HTML format OID=
2.1 PDF format PostScript format HTML format OID=
2.0-alpha-20010924 PDF format PostScript format HTML format OID (projected)= (-alpha)
version 1.5 pdf not available PostScript not available HTML OID=
Draft new versions
The Privacy Policy (v3.3) is available as PDF.