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Encrypting mail to the CA managers

Information of a confidential nature should be sent to the CA managers preferably in encrypted form. You can use both S/MIME with X.509 certificates as well as PGP (GPG) to encrypt mails to us. Please find the complete list of certificates and PGP keys below.

David Groep

KeyTypeFingerprintFind path
0x6F298418DH/DSS2011 FE70 9C5F 262C 6007 AC35 727A 735C 6F29 8418 Your key
Thawte emailexp. 09/2009encrypted mail to davidg at nikhef.nl (until Sept 2009)download as PEM or DER

Dennis van Dok

KeyTypeFingerprintFind path
0x51302C77DH/DSS350E 3865 E5C4 F924 BD2C 40B0 2084 EAE6 5130 2C77 Your key
Thawte emailexp. 01/2010encrypted mail to dennisvd at nikhef.nl (until Jan 2010)download as PEM or DER